December 25. 2011 Juche 100
Senior Officials of China Visits DPRK Embassy
CPRK Slams S. Korea of Barring Mourner Groups from Visiting DPRK
Message of Condolences from Iranian President
Message of Condolences from Omani Sultan
Message of Condolences from Bulgarian, Czech Party Leaders
Message of Condolences from Rwandan Party Leader
Message of Condolences from Indian Personage
Message of Condolences from Chilean Political Figures
Message of Condolences from Cambodian Party Leader
Message of Condolences from SG of SWAPO Party
Message of Condolences from WHO Director-General
Guinean People's Assembly Delegation Visits DPRK Embassy
Cambodian Parliamentary Delegations Visits DPRK Embassy
Nepali PM Visits DPRK Embassy
Ethiopian Deputy PM Visits DPRK Embassy
Equatorial Guinean PM Visits DPRK Embassy
FM of Democratic Congo Visits DPRK Embassy
Myanmar FM Visits DPRK Embassy
Pakistani FM Visits DPRK Embassy
Acting Chairperson of AU Commission Visits DPRK Embassy
Lao Personages Visit DPRK Embassy
Laotians Visit DPRK Embassy
Guinean Party Leader Visits DPRK Embassy
Senior Italian Lawmaker Visits DPRK Embassy
Cambodian Party Delegation Visits DPRK Embassy
Peruvians Visit DPRK Embassy
Russian Personages Visit DPRK Missions
Nigerians Visit DPRK Embassy
Mexican Personages Visit DPRK Embassy
Korean Residents in Russia Visit DPRK Consulate General
Wreaths from Cambodian Great King and King
Wreath from Guinean President
Wreath from Czech Political Party
Wreaths from Political Parties of Bangladesh
Wreaths from Foreign Organizations
Foreign Diplomats Visit Bier of Kim Jong Il
Mourners' Group of Chongryon Visits Bier of Kim Jong Il
Chinese People Visit Bier of Kim Jong Il
Chinese People Visit Kumsusan Memorial Palace
UCKR Decides to Organize All-Koreans Mourning Committee
Chinese Related to Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle Here
KPA Servicepersons Visit Bier of Kim Jong Il
Increasing Number of People Visit Bier of Kim Jong Il
People in North Phyongan and Hwanghae Provinces Mourn
Mourners Touched by Kim Jong Un's Special Measures
Kim Jong Un's Loving Care for People
Warm Care Shown by Kim Jong Un
Koreans Deeply Touched by Measures for Mourners' Health
Korean People Vow to Remain Faithful to Kim Jong Un
Korean People Vow to Uphold Kim Jong Un's Leadership
30000 Service Stands and 10000 Medical Posts Set up
People Regrettable for Not Having Set up Kim Jong Il's Statue
Koreans Greet Year-end in Grief
Large Buses Appear in Mourning Site to Warm Mourners
Korean Children Miss Kim Jong Il
Let's Become Eternal Comrades of Kim Jong Il
S. Korean Paper Slams for Blocking Condolatory Visits to North
S. Korean Internet Reports Worldwide Condolences over
Venezuelan Party Arranges Mourning Station
Brazilian Political Parties Proclaim Mourning Period
Indonesian Committee for Mourning Demise Formed
Nigerian Committee for Mourning Demise Formed
Thai Organization Mourns Demise of Kim Jong Il
Bangladeshi Organizations Mourn Demise of Kim Jong Il
Indonesian Party Mourn Demise of Kim Jong Il
Political Party of Nepal Calls for Events Mourning
Foreign Media Reports Mourning Demise of Kim Jong Il
Foreign Internet Homepages Mourn Demise of Kim Jong Il
Memorial Services for Kim Jong Il Held in Foreign Countries
       ◆     ◆     ◆
Anti-Japanese Women's Association Organized by Kang Pan Sok
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Website of Peruvian Organization
KPA Praised by Foreign Personages
Kim Jong Il Praised by Foreign Media

For Spanish-speaking People
CRPP denuncia conducta inmoral de autoridades surcoreanas
Continua el fluido de visitantes al Palacio Memorial Kumsusan
Rodong Sinmun llama a todos a hacerse camaradas de Kim Jong Il
Pueblo coreano lamenta ausencia de estatua de bronce de Kim Jong Il

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