October 6. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Jong Il Enjoys Student Football Match
1st Anniversary of October 4 Declaration Observed
Lee Myung Bak Group's Fascist Suppression of Pro-Reunification Forces Denounced
KCNA Refutes S. Korean Conservative's Anti-DPRK Malarkey
KCNA Accuses Lee Myung Bak of Breaching October 4 Declaration
Lee Myung Bak Group Accused of Standing in Way of Implementing Oct. 4 Declaration
Implementation of October 4 Declaration Called for
Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Reconstruction of Rajin-Khasan Railways and Rajin Port Held
DPRK Ambassador to Singapore Appointed
Korean Delegation Leaves for Mongolia
Party Founding Museum Draws Endless Stream of Visitors
Patriotic Life of Kim Ung U
U.S. Urged to Halt Moves for MD
Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Work Observed
Crackdown upon Reunification Movement Organizations Flailed in S. Korea
Puppet Authorities' Suppression of S. Korean Student Organization under Fire
Abolition of S. Korea-U.S. "Mutual Defense Treaty" Demanded
Implementation of October 4 Declaration Demanded in S. Korea
Arms Buildup Blasted in S. Korea
Abolition of NSL Urged in S. Korea
Anniversaries of DPRK and WPK Marked in Czech Republic
October 4 Declaration Hailed by Indonesian Figure
Events Held in Various Countries to Mark WPK Birthday
DPRK Founding Anniversary Celebrated
Exploits of Kim Il Sung Lauded

For Spanish-speaking People
Rodong Sinmun llama a abrir nueva epoca
ATCC comenta actos anti-reunificacion de Lee Myung Bak
ATCC comenta sofisterias de So Jae Jin
Se inicia reconstruccion de ferrovia Rajin-Hasan y puerto de Rajin
Nombrado embajador coreano en Singapur

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