December 8. 2015 Juche 104
Supreme Public Prosecutors Office Delegation Back Home
DPRK Maritime Administration Delegation Back Home
State Merited Chorus and Moranbong Band to Pay Friendship Visit to China
Workers across Country Respond to Appeal of Workers of Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex
Successes Made in Field of Literature, Art in 2015
Unha Taesong Foodstuff Factory
U.S. Urged to Make Switchover in Its Policy
Minju Joson Accuses U.S. of Encouraging Japan in Its Bid to Emerge Military Giant
Koreans in U.S. Stage Demos in Solidarity with S. Koreans' Action
Authorities' Suppression of People Denounced in S. Korea
S. Korean Authorities Hell-Bent on Their Unprecedented Suppression of People
S. Korean Paper Censures Regime's Suppression of 2nd All-out People's Action
Second All-out People's Action Staged in S. Korea
Kim Jong Il to Be Remembered in Russia
Kim Jong Il Praised by Russian, Ugandan Personages
Kim Jong Il Remembered by South African Organization

For Spanish-speaking People
Coro Estatal Benemerito y Banda Moranbong realizaran la visita de amistad a China
Obreros de RPDC responden a llamamiento de Complejo Siderurgico de Hwanghae
Rodong Sinmun exige a EE.UU. cambiar su política sobre RPDC
Minju Joson revela objetivo fundamental de negocio de armamentos entre EE.UU. y Japón

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