April 13. 2012 Juche 101
DPRK's Satellite Fails to Enter Its Orbit
DPRK Holds Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as Eternal WPK General Secretary
Kim Jong Un's Election as Head of WPK Hailed
Korean People Hold Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as Eternal NDC Chairman
Kim Jong Un Elected First Chairman of NDC of DPRK
Fifth Session of 12th SPA Held
SPA Session on Work of Cabinet Last Year and Its Tasks for This year
Results of Implementation of State Budget Last Year and State Budget for This Year
Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Erected on Mansu Hill
Kim Jong Un Sends Educational Aid Fund and Stipends to Korean Children in Japan
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Uniting Closer around WPK Led by Kim Jong Un
Foreign Diplomats Pay Floral Tribute
Foreign Guests and Koreans in China Pay Tribute to Kim Il Sung
Floral Basket, Congratulatory Letters to Kim Jong Un
Floral Basket, Congratulatory Letter to Kim Jong Un from Pakistani Ambassador
Floral Basket from Chief of PNA
Congratulatory Letter from General Association of Koreans in China
Congratulations from General Secretary of Vietnamese Communist Party
Congratulatory Letter from Participants in International Festival
Congratulatory Letter from C.C., AINDF
Congratulations to Malawi President
Gifts from Foreign Political Parties
Gifts from Mexican Party
Gifts from Foreign Political Figures
Gifts from Indian Political Party
Gift from WFDY President
Members of UNDP Office Pay Floral Tribute to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
Staff Members of Pyongyang Mission of AINDF Visit Mangyongdae
Foreigners, Overseas Koreans Visit Mangyongdae
First Day Performances of April Spring Friendship Art Festival Given
Banquet Given for Participants in Int'l Festival
Performances of ASFAF Continue
14th Kimilsungia Festival Opens
World Congress on Juche Idea Closes
Pyongyang Declaration Adopted at World Congress on Juche Idea
Letter from Participants in World Congress on Juche Idea
Servicepersons, Delighted over Kim Jong Un's Election as NDC First Chairman
Kim Jong Un's Election to WPK's Top Post Lauded
Harbin-Mt. Kumgang International Tourist Group Arrives in Wonsan
More Foreign Media Persons Arrive
Foreigners Here
Mosaics Depicting Three Commanders of Mt. Paektu Erected in Sinuiju
Tower of Juche Idea, Monument in Era of Independence
DPRK Blessed with Great Events
DPRK Socialist Constitution Revised and Supplemented
DPRK People, Pleased over WPK Conference's Decision
Performance of Ukrainian Dance Troupe in Pyongyang
Chinese Art Troupe Gives Premiere in Pyongyang Festival
Chinese Guangxi Fine Art Exhibition Opens in DPRK
Uniforms Supplied to Schoolchildren and Students in DPRK
Kim Il Sung Cares So Much for Popular Masses
Kim Il Sung Lauded by AINDF Pyongyang Chief
"Kim Il Sung's Korea", Special Write-ups to Centenary of His Birth (27)
Asia-Pacific Regional Committee for Supporting Peaceful Reunification of Korea Formed
Intensive Actions against Jeju Naval Base Construction Urged in S.Korea
Int'l Kothongryon Issues April Issue of Bulletin "Thongil"
DPRK Film Week Opens in China
Day of Sun Marked Abroad
Russian Party Wishes Korean People Success in Socialist Construction
Pyongyang Declaration Serves as Banner of Progressive Parties: Foreign Political Parties
Works Published in Peru, Cambodia and Russia

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il, eterno Presidente del CDN de la RPDC
Kim Jong Un elegido como Primer Presidente del CDN de la RPDC
Efectuado V periodo de sesiones de XII Legislatura de la APS
Choe Yong Rim presenta informe sobre trabajo de Consejo de Ministros
Choe Kwang Jin balancea ejecucion del presupuesto estatal de 2011
Kim Jong Un envia subsidios escolares y becas a Chongryon

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