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SPA Session on Work of Cabinet Last Year and Its Tasks for This year
Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) -- Deputy Choe Yong Rim, premier of the Cabinet, made a report on the work of the Cabinet last year and its tasks for this year at the 5th session of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly held on Friday.

He said that 2011 was the year of a historic turn in which fresh changes were brought about in building a thriving nation under the energetic Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il. It was, at the same time, an unforgettable year in which the army and people of the DPRK displayed the noble sense of moral obligation and the great traits of single-minded unity at the highest level by deeply mourning the death of leader Kim Jong Il and missing him very much after his untimely and sorrowful demise.

Choe Yong Rim went on to say:

Last year the gross industrial output value grew 2 percent and the electricity produced at hydraulic power stations, iron ore, electrolytic zinc, power generators, fertilizers, magnesia clinker, etc. showed a remarkable growth over the previous year.

The modern Taedonggang Combined Fruit Processing Factory was built and lots of foodstuff factories, textile mills and daily necessities factories were technologically updated and the modernization of local industrial factories was pushed forward in provinces, cities and counties.

The second-phase Kwaksan Tideland Project was completed and many projects for irrigation set-ups were carried out and modern stock-breeding and fruit production bases technologically updated.

The construction of the Huichon Power Station was completed in a matter of three years and a lot of power station projects were wound up. Key coal mines were adjusted and reinforced to consolidate the country's fuel and power bases.

In the metal industrial field, the Juche iron production system was further improved and the technological updating of major production processes at iron and steel works made brisk headway. Nonferrous metal production bases including Tanchon area was modernized.

Raw materials bases for light industry were adjusted and reinforced. The Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, the February 8 Vinalon Complex and the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex were technologically updated.

The modernization of key factories in the fields of machine-building and electronic industries was pushed forward. The fuel pump branch plant of the Huichon Precision Machine Plant was updated at a cutting-edge level.

The People's Theatre, high-rise apartment buildings and other edifices have been constructed in the Mansudae area in Pyongyang. Amazing streets and villages suitable for features of socialism have appeared in different parts of the country and Tanchon Port was successfully built.

This year the Cabinet will concentrate all efforts on light industry and agriculture and lay a solid foundation for building an economic power in warm response to the flames of industrial revolution in the new century and the flames kindled in South Hamgyong Province.

It is the most important target of the struggle set by the WPK for this year to bring about a signal improvement in the people's standard of living.

The light industrial field should operate the light industrial factories, local industrial factories and daily necessities production bases at full capacity and increase the production of varieties of quality consumer goods which are liked by the people and cater to their tastes and supply them to the people, while directing utmost efforts to making modern light industrial bases pay off.

In the agricultural field, the per hectare grain yield should be remarkably raised on all farms as required by the WPK's policy on bringing about a drastic boost in agricultural production and as required by the Juche-farming methods and a cyclic production system be established to boost production at modern stock-breeding bases and fruit production bases so as to make the people benefit from them.

In the chemical industrial field, the production should be kept going at a high rate at the factories and enterprises which had been technologically updated in recent years to ensure a satisfactory supply of chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. The production of chemical fiber and synthetic resin should be raised to drastically increase the proportion of locally available raw materials for light industry, and production be boosted at factories and enterprises in Tanchon area.

The production of electricity, coal and iron and steel should be increased to the maximum and the strain on railway transport be eased.

While making primary efforts for construction related to the people's living, the major construction projects and the work to turn Pyongyang into world-class city and build provincial seats and other cities in a peculiar way should be stepped up in a planned way. At the same time, the work for protecting land and preserving environment and the city management should be significantly improved to face-lift the country.

Exports production bases should be built under a long-term plan and the development of economic and trade zones and joint venture and contracts be vigorously undertaken and the technological cooperation in economy with other countries be boosted.

Centers for training talents and schools at all levels should be built well, educational contents and methods be improved to meet the requirements of the developing situation and the advantages of the socialist public health system be given full play in the public health field.

In the field of literature and arts, more revolutionary and appealing works which reflect the spirit of the times should be created. In the sports field, a hot sports wind should prevail throughout the country to put sports technique on a higher level and fully demonstrate the nation's dignity and spirit at international games.

Utmost efforts shall be directed to ensuring the combat preparations of the People's Army and providing a material guarantee for the development of national defence industry.

The reporter called on the officials in the field of economic guidance to conduct all the work in a creative and revolutionary manner, share weal and woe with the masses in the stirring practice and work hard to meet their interests and provide the best conveniences to them.

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