January 8. 2014 Juche 103
Kim Jong Un Watches Basketball Game of DPRK, American Players
Election of Deputies to SPA to Be Held
S. Korean Authorities Urged to Opt for Mending Inter-Korean Relations
More Meetings Held in Provinces, City
New Poems, Songs Created in DPRK
Kim Il Sung's Famous Work on Settling Rural Question in DPRK
Efforts for Raising Electricity Production in DPRK
DPRK People Study Supreme Leader's New Year Address
Schoolchildren's New Year Performance Enjoys Popularity
Independent Reunification of Korea Urged
S. Korean Authorities Urged to Stand by Nation's Security, Peace: News Analysis
Anti-"Government" Actions Mount in S. Korea
Elimination of Dictatorial Forces Called for in S. Korea
S. Korean Chief Executive Urged to Step Down
Actions against Regime's Tyrannical Rule Called for in S. Korea
Koreans in China Urge S. Korean Authorities to Make Correct Option
Koreans in Ukraine Demand S. Korean Authorities Opt for National Cooperation
Kim Il Sung's Work Posted by British Organization on Its Website
Kim Jong Un's New Year Address Posted on Websites
Kim Jong Un's New Year Address Supported by Indian Figure
Kim Jong Un Lauded in India, Uganda
Kim Jong Un's New Year Address Supported by Foreign Personages
Kim Jong Un Praised by British Organizations

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un presencia juego de baloncesto de jugadores de RPDC y EE.UU.
Resolucion sobre elecciones de diputados a la APS de RPDC
Continuan mitines en respuesta al mensaje del Ano Nuevo de Kim Jong Un
Mitines en varias provincias en respuesta al mensaje de Ano Nuevo

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