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Efforts for Raising Electricity Production in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers in the power industrial field of the DPRK have turned out in a drive to carry out the tasks set forth by supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year address.

They are now concentrating efforts on the technical improvement for increasing electricity output.

The Pukchang Thermal Power Complex launched a brisk mass technological innovation movement to remodel fans of feed pumps and other kinds of equipment, while the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex introduced several technical innovations like a system for protection of pumping equipment.

The Sunchon Thermal Power Plant is raising the operation rate of its equipment in close touch with a scientific institute and the Kanggye Youth Power Station put the operation of several electric governors and exciters on an intelligent basis.

Hochongang, Jangjingang and other power stations replaced water turbines with efficient ones and developed new vanes.

Meanwhile, efforts are directed to the construction of more transformer substations to increase the electric power supply capacity.

Minor hydraulic power stations throughout the country are keeping their equipment in good condition, while making an effective use of water resources.

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