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More Meetings Held in Provinces, City
Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) -- Meetings took place in South Phyongan, South and North Hamgyong provinces and Rason City on Wednesday to vow to thoroughly carry out the important tasks supreme leader Kim Jong Un set forth in his New Year Address.

Present there were officials of local party, power and economic organs, working people's organizations, industrial establishments, farms and universities, working people, youth and students.

Reporters and speakers said that Kim Jong Un's New Year Address serves as a banner instilling the conviction of future and revolutionary self-esteem into all service personnel and people and as important guidelines indicating the shortcut to bringing about a new leap forward and innovations.

They underscored the need to keep up agriculture as a major thrust, introduce scientific farming methods, do farm work in a responsible manner and thus bring about a decisive turn in the agricultural production.

They called upon the service personnel and the people to make concerted efforts to consolidate the foundation of the independent economy, dynamically push ahead with construction projects to provide the people with affluent and modern living conditions and thoroughly ensure the quality of structures.

They also called upon scientists and technicians to make great scientific and technological achievements upholding the party's leadership.

They underlined the need to bring about a new turn in the educational work, put efforts to medical treatment and preventive medicine and ensure that the benefits of socialist healthcare system reach the people more closely.

They underscored the need to meticulously manage the country's economy with a strong sense of patriotism and attitude as befitting masters and at the same time protect and increase the country's priceless natural resources and cover all the mountains with thick forests.

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