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Kim Il Sung's Famous Work for Settling Rural Question in DPRK
Pyongyang, January 8 (KCNA) -- It was 50 years ago that President Kim Il Sung made pubic his famous work "Theses on the Socialist Rural Question in Our Country".

The work was published on February 25, 1964.

In the work, Kim Il Sung gave full answers to all questions arising in the socialist rural construction including the essence and content of the socialist rural question as well as the principles and ways for its successful settlement.

The theses have served as guidelines for rural communities in the country to steadily advance along the road of socialism for the past 50 years.

The three revolutions -- ideological, technical and cultural -- have been continuously carried on in rural areas to fully equip the agricultural workers with the Juche idea, Songun (military-first) idea of the Workers' Party of Korea, thus consolidating the politico-ideological, material and technical foundations of rural areas.

The comprehensive mechanization of agriculture has made brisk headway in step with irrigation projects. And all farmlands across the country turned into fields of standardized shapes.

Rural areas took on new looks as befitting the socialist fairyland and the management of rural economy has been steadily improved to further consolidate its foundations.

All these successes are the brilliant fruition of the theses. They are also ascribable to the great devotion of leader Kim Jong Il, who made all efforts to carry into reality the President's idea on socialist rural construction.

Marshal Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address underlined the need to clearly prove the validity and vitality of the theses by waging the ideological, technological and cultural revolutions dynamically in the rural areas and bringing about a decisive turn in agricultural production.

Now Kim Jong Un is devoting his all to bringing earlier the rosy future for rural areas.

Thanks to his energetic leadership, the lofty idea of the President on rural construction will surely come true.

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