August 1. 2011 Juche 100
DPRK to Hold Six-party Talks without Preconditions
Greetings to President of Benin
Greetings to Swiss President
Just Actions against S. Korean Unpopular Educational Policy Supported
Performance of Extravaganza "Arirang" Begins
Anniversary of Kim Il Sung's Work Marked
Reception Given at DPRK Embassy in Moscow
National Day of Switzerland Observed in DPRK
Typhoon, Heavy Rain Cause Damage in DPRK
New Postage Stamp Issued
"Pomhyanggi" Cosmetics Enjoy Popularity
Taedonggang, Favorite Term of Korean People
Guidelines for Great Unity of Korean Nation
S. Korea- US Plan for Cooperation in War of Aggression Flayed
Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's Work Observed
Settlement of Lay-off Issue Demanded in S. Korea
S. Korean Authorities' Suppression under Fire
Japan Fans up Ambition to Grab Tok Islets
Kim Il Sung Deeply Revered by World Progressives
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Internet by Regional Body
War Victory Day of DPRK Marked in Different Countries
Mexicans Support Korean People's Efforts
Experimental Orbiter Launched in China
Iranian Majlis Speaker Blasts Plots of US and West
Egyptian FM Accuses Israel of Its Move to Expand Settlements
Iran Re-clarifies Its Stand to Co ntinue Pushing ahead with Its Nuclear Program
Cooperation among Different Countries
Deputy Chief of Iranian Mission at UN Accuses Israel and West
Russia Hit by Forest Fires
Motor Enterprises of Japan Suffer Loss
China Prepares for Universiad
CPC Calls for Careful Selection of Cadres
Russia Announces Grain Export Plan
History Education Is Urgent: Russian President
Cattle Fed with Irradiated Rice Straws in Japan
New President Inaugurated in Peru
Russia Adopts Federal Law to Combat Illegal Gambling
Cuban Leader Calls for Combating Economic Crimes
Pakistani Talks with India Termed Productive
Venezuelan President Proposes New Slogan

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il recibe mensaje de consuelo de Hu Jintao
China decide facilitar materiales de socorro urgente a Corea
MINREX se refiere al resultado de conversaciones RPDC-EE.UU.
Inaugurada la funcion gimnastico-artistica masiva "Arirang"
Entidad juvenil norcoreana apoya la lucha por reducir cuota de matricula
Entidad nortena denuncia politica antipopular del Sur de Corea

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