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Just Actions against S. Korean Unpopular Educational Policy Supported

Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Teachers Sub-Committee of the North Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration released the following statement on Monday as regards the dynamic actions of south Korean youth and students and other people for getting the issue of the university registration fee solved.

South Korea is now swept by the waves of dynamic actions of youth and students and other people denouncing the puppet group for reneging on its promise to halve the registration fee and demanding its sharp reduction.

These actions that were kicked off to win back the freedom and right of learning mercilessly violated by the present regime's unpopular educational policy are now escalating into a mass struggle thanks to the positive support and solidarity of at least 550 civic and public organizations grouping various circles of south Korea. Amid the angry shouts of "Let's bring down the society ill-famed for crazy registration fee!" that shook the whole land of south Korea, there picked up the atmosphere of protest such as demonstrations, candlelight rallies and one-million signature campaign.

The Teachers Sub-Committee of the North Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration along with the educators and people in the north expresses full support to the youth and students and all other people in south Korea in their just struggle.

Desire for learning is the universally recognized right of a human being.

But the puppet authorities threw away their big promise to halve the registration fee like a pair of old shoes and are imposing unaffordable registration fee upon youth and students, denying their opportunity of learning and bringing pain and misfortune to the people.

Students are being expelled from universities for failing to pay expenses which snowball every year and many of them are toiling and moiling at work sites to earn money to pay the registration fee. And not a few youth and students are dying of hard labor or committing suicides, cursing the grief-stricken society.

How many parents of students have taken their own lives in protest against the puppet ruling forces out of their great worry about the school fee of their children.

The sky-rocketing registration fee, a natural product of the puppet authorities' unpopular educational policy, has deprived youth and students of their right to learning and hope, driving them and their parents into despair and death.

It is due to this unaffordable educational fee that young people and their parents are committing suicides out of extreme unrest with their grudge unsettled. This tragic reality goes to patently show that south Korea is a land of destitution and a tundra of human rights and hopeless dark society.

It once again clearly proves that it is impossible to realize the dream of the youth and students to have ample opportunity of learning and meet the desire of their parents to bring their children a bright future and get the people's genuine rights guaranteed as long as the group of traitors is allowed to remain in power as it is only keen on staying in it, utterly indifferent to the fate of the people.

There is nothing to expect from the puppet group any longer as it has brought only unspeakable misfortune and sufferings to the south Korean people with false commitments and rhetoric.

The people of various circles in south Korea should further intensify actions for getting the registration fee halved and bring the puppet group of traitors without equals to ruin and achieve democracy, civic rights and true life as early as possible.

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