January 31. 2009 Juche 98
Kim Jong Il Provides Field Guidance to Power Station
Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Sub-Unit
Protocol Signed between DPRK and Slovakia
New Posters Produced
"Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung's Works" Off Press
Delegation of Chongryon Officials Arrives
U.S. Loudmouthed "Nuclear Disarmament" Termed Hypocritical
Lee Myung Bak Group Denounced for Bedeviling Inter-Korean Relations
"Dialogue and Cooperation" Touted by Lee Myung Bak Group Dismissed
DPRK-Targeted War Exercises Flailed
More than 180 Cases of Aerial Espionage against DPRK in January
Struggle to Force Dictatorial Regime to Step Down Called for
Statement of Spokesman for KPA General Staff Supported

For Spanish-speaking People
Firmado protocolo entre Corea y Eslovaquia
Pancartas dedicadas a elecciones de diputados a la APS
Mas de 180 espionajes aereos de yanquis y ejercito surcoreano
Entidades britanicas apoyan resuelta posicion del EPC

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