December 24. 2016 Juche 105
First Conference of Chairpersons of WPK Primary Committees Opens
Kim Jong Un Makes Opening Address at First Conference of Chairpersons of WPK Primary Committees
Greetings to FM of DR Congo
Sudanese President Supports DPRK Advancing under Banner of Anti-Imperialist Independence
Chinese and Koreans Related to Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle Leave
Message to Kim Jong Un from Equatorial Guinean Party Leader
Floral Tribute Paid to Great Leaders
Wreaths Laid before Bust of Kim Jong Suk
Women's Union Officials and Members Visit Birthplace of Kim Jong Suk
Celebration Performances in DPRK
Concert Given by National Symphony Orchestra
Dancing Parties of Young People Held
Tourmaline Water Purifier Capturing Attention in DPRK
Time Will Prove DPRK's Option Is Right: KCNA Commentary
S. Korean Warmongers Stage Combined Military Drill
S. Korea: Ban Ki-moon Hit for Seeking to Run as Candidate for "Presidential" Election
Intensified Candlelight Action for Justice Called for in S. Korea
Air Pilots in S. Korea Launch Strike
S. Korean Paper Slams Puppet Authorities for Shunning Issue of Young People's Employment
S. Korean Broadcasting Urges Special Prosecution's Correct Investigation
S. Korean Diplomats Disgraced for Sexual Abuses
Stop to Dealings for THAAD Deployment Urged in S. Korea
Kim Jong Il Remembered in Over 190 Countries for 5 Years
Floral Baskets Sent to DPRK Missions Abroad

For Spanish-speaking People
Inaugurada Primera Conferencia de los Presidentes de Comite de Base del Partido
Kim Jong Un pronuncia discurso inaugural en la Primera Conferencia de Presidentes de Comite de Base del Partido
El presidente sudanes elogia a la RPDC en la delantera de la lucha antiyanqui
Fuerzas armadas nucleares garantizan paz, prosperidad y dignidad nacionales, insiste ACNC

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