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Kim Jong Un Make
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, made an opening address at the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK on Friday.

He said that the Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK is held for the first time in its history amid the grandiose struggle to carry out the decision of its 7th Congress.

He paid the highest tribute and extended eternal glory to President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the founder and builder of the glorious WPK and the symbol of the dignified DPRK, representing the boundless reverence of the participants in the conference, all other party members, service personnel and people of the country.

He offered warm gratitude and militant salute to the participants of the conference and all other chairpersons of the primary committees of the Party who are reliably defending the main combat positions for implementing the Party policies, regarding absolute loyalty to the Party and the boundless devotion to the people as their life and keeping pace with the Party Central Committee despite any difficulties and trials.

After informing the participants of the overall international political situation including the one prevailing in Northeast Asia and the situation in south Korea, he said that the prevailing international situation more clearly proves how just and correct the WPK's idea and line of simultaneously developing the two fronts were.

He noted that scared by the remarkably increasing strategic position of the DPRK, the imperialist reactionary forces are making desperate efforts, cooking up the UN "sanctions resolution" and even crying out for "independent sanctions", stressing that this is the most vivid proof of the victory of the DPRK. He said with pride that great progress was made in the development of the revolution under the correct leadership of the Party this year.

Thanks to ardent patriotism and loyalty and devoted struggle of all officials and working people, unprecedented production successes were made in the fields of industry, agriculture, pomiculture and fishery, the first-stage project for recovering from the flood damage in the northern part of North Hamgyong Province was successfully completed and the construction of Ryomyong Street made rapid progress during the 200- day campaign and is nearing completion, he pointed out.

He said that the DPRK bolstered up its nuclear force both in quality and quantity by succeeding in developing Korean-style latest strategic weapons in the field of national defence science and achieved a lot of successes in the fields of science, education, public health and sports, adding that all of them were possible because all chairpersons of the primary committees of the WPK powerfully aroused all their members and other working people to the struggle for devotedly upholding the Party's line and policies and implementing them to the letter.

Kim Jong Un extended once again the warm congratulations to the chairpersons of the primary party committees participating in the conference with pride and honor of having successfully concluded the 200-day campaign, true to the call of the Party Central Committee, and all the party members and other people.

Referring to the Party's intention of regarding the Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK as important as the Party Congress, he emphasized that to raise the role of the primary committees is an important guarantee for strengthening the Party and victoriously advancing the revolution and construction.

Attaching weighty importance to the role of the chairpersons of the primary committees of the WPK, in particular, he noted that whether the Party's line and policies are correctly implemented or not depends on the politico-ideological preparation, organizational ability, revolutionary spirit and strong capabilities of the chairpersons of the primary committees.

The source of the strength of our Party and its invincible might lie in the close bonds of kinship with the broad popular masses and their full support and deep trust, he said.

He stressed the need for the conference to critically make a deep-going analysis and review of not only achievements and experience gained in the work of the primary party organizations in the past but also their shortcomings and their chairpersons' role and work-style and make an exhaustive discussion on the issue of enhancing the function and role of the primary party organizations in every way in the drive for developing it and implementing its policies.

He noted that the main purpose of the conference is to help all the participants reflect upon themselves with party conscience and make efforts to boldly rectify their shortcomings so that the conference may offer an opportunity of effecting such a great turn as bringing about a radical change in the work of the primary committees of the WPK.

He declared the conference open, expressing belief that it would be successfully held thanks to high political enthusiasm and active participation of all its attendants and thus mark a historic milestone in strengthening the WPK and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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