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Kim Jong Il Remembered in Over 190 Countries for 5 Years
Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- It is five years since the whole world was stricken with bitter grief at leader Kim Jong Il's sudden demise.

In the period, Kim Jong Il who performed titanic feats with outstanding ideology and leadership and noble traits has been deeply mourned in over 190 countries.

His revolutionary career and exploits were widely reported by up to 100,000 media.

At least 600 mourning and remembering committees with prominent personages of political and social circles as chairpersons or co-chairpersons were inaugurated in many countries and regions and by international bodies.

The committees held thousands of political and cultural events, throwing the whole world into atmosphere of deeply revering him.

Personages of governments, political parties, organizations and institutions in different countries, international and regional bodies paid homage to Kim Jong Il on Dec. 17, the anniversary of his demise.

The Socialist Party of Benin clarified that it would invariably hold Kim Jong Il as its honorary chairman and add luster to his exploits in Benin and Africa.

Caluma City of Bolivar Province in Ecuador decided to register Kim Jong Il as its honorary citizen and Chordeleg City in Ecuador awarded the title of honorary citizenship, its highest commendation, to him while the People's Progressive Party of Nigeria the certificate of title of honorary national leader. Meanwhile, gifts were presented to him by political parties, organizations and personages of different countries.

A portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il was displayed at Kim Jong Il Class of Progres School in Mali and a class of the Vietnam-DPRK Friendship Kindergarten was named after Kim Jong Il.

Poems and songs such as "Great Son of Korea", "Sunny Smile" and "Light of Love" were created one after another to praise his revolutionary career and exploits.

The president of Jindalle Children's Foundation wrote a book titled "My Father" dealing with Kim Jong Il's loving care shown for her family and the chairperson of the Korean Friendship Association UK authored a book "To Defend Songun" introducing the validity and vitality of the Songun (military-first) idea, and the chairman of the Guinean Society for the Study of the Juche Literary Idea completed a collection of poems "Following the Footsteps of Songun".

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