October 20. 2016 Juche 105
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Blasts U.S. Official for Talking about "Moral Sanctions" on DPRK
DPRK's Juche Satellites Will Continue to Soar Despite Park Geun Hye Group's Obstructions: NADA Spokesman
DPRK's Principled Stand Clarified at 6th Committee of 71st UN General Assembly
Hostile Forces Warned to Stop Anti-DPRK Human Rights Racket
Photo Exhibition Opens to Celebrate GFTUK Congress
SPA Delegation Leaves for Switzerland
Message to Kim Jong Un from Chairman of March 26 Movement of Uruguay
Foreigners Visit Mangyongdae
"Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" Vol. 15 Published
Renovated Spring Water Factory in Pyongyang
Medical Oxygen Factory in Pyongyang
KCNA Commentary Slams Park Geun Hye Regime's "Human Rights" Farce against DPRK
CBS of South Korea Blames Prosecution for Unreasonable Action
S. Korean Opposition Party Leader Denounces Park Geun Hye for Restoring "Yusin" Dictatorship
S. Korean Puppet Group Accused of Trying to Make Autopsy of Late Paek Nam Gi
Kim Jong Un's Work Published in India
Kim Il Sung's Work Introduced in Poland
WPK's Birthday Celebrated in Foreign Countries
DPRK's Holidays Marked Abroad

For Spanish-speaking People
Portavoz del MINREX rechaza la "sancion moral" preconizada por EE.UU.
Se lanzaran de continuo satelites artificiales de RPDC, afirma portavoz de la ANDA
AEDHC publica declaracion de condena a fuerzas hostiles anti-RPDC
Delegado coreano expone la posicion de principios de RPDC en reunion de la ONU
Inaugurada exposicion de fotos por el VII Congreso de la FGSC

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