February 1. 2016 Juche 105
73rd Enlarged Plenary Meeting of UAWK Central Committee Held
Paektusan Prize Sports Games Open
Delegation of Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League Leaves for Russia
School Youth and Children Start Study Tour of Kim Jong Il's Birthplace
Production of Traditional Medicines Goes Up in DPRK
Waterway Project in South Hwanghae Province Progresses Apace
Development of World-Famous Products Gains Momentum
Various Kites Made
KCNA Brands Japan-S. Korea "Agreement" on Sexual Slavery as Politically Motivated Artifice
Victims of Sexual Slavery in S. Korea Demand Japanese PM Make Direct Apology
Large-scale Action Denouncing Present Regime Declared in S. Korea
S. Korean Authorities Accused of Trying to Retrogressively Revise Labor Law
Sit-in Strike Staged in S. Korea to Demand Cancellation of Humiliating "Agreement"
Kim Jong Il's Exploits Lauded by Myanmar, Russian Personages
Day of Shining Star to Be Celebrated in Russia
Day of Shining Star to Be Celebrated in Peru
Day of Sun, Day of Shining Star to Be Celebrated in India

For Spanish-speaking People
Efectuada reunion ampliada de CC de UTAC
Inaugurada competencia deportiva por premio Paektusan
ACNC califica de fraude politico el "acuerdo" Japon-Sur de Corea sobre problema de esclavitud sexual

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