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KCNA Brands Japan-S. Korea "Agreement" on Sexual Slavery as Politically Motivated Artifice
Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- KCNA issued an indictment on Jan. 31 as regards the fact that the issue of the unprecedented sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army spawned by the Japanese imperialists' colonial military fascist rule over Korea and their aggression of the continent in the past century is being misused by the hostile forces for attaining their sinister purpose.

It said:

As already reported, talks were held between the Japanese and south Korean foreign ministers in Seoul on Dec. 28 last year all of a sudden.

At the talks an "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army was announced at a lightening speed without leaving any official document required by provisions and procedures of international law as a result of Japan's impudent stand and south Korea's humiliating attitude.

Lurking behind Japan's recent negotiations with south Korea is the former's black-hearted intention to keep its history of past crimes buried into oblivion through the publication of the "agreement" and prevent it from being brought to the international arena again.

What the present south Korean ruling forces did recently, kowtowing to the U.S. and Japan, is the hideous sycophantic and treacherous acts which should be cursed down through generations.

Their shameless pro-Japanese behavior found a vivid manifestation in the facts that they refrained from uttering even a word of protest when Japan blustered 0.3 billion yen would be enough to solve the "issue of comfort women" and if it remains adamant, south Korea will move of itself and the former got facilities for forcible drafting of Koreans in the past registered as a world heritage.

The group of traitors is going foolish to lay a springboard favorable for their long-term office even by selling off the dignity and interests of the Korean nation and serving and yielding to the U.S. and Japan.

The above-said "agreement" is a product of plots hatched by the U.S. by wire-pulling Japan and south Korea for the purpose of tightening its alliance with them from A to Z, the indictment noted, and went on:

In recent years the U.S. has taken a lot of pain to clear the differences between Japan and south Korea in understanding the history, one of the biggest obstacle in the way of strengthening its alliance.

The U.S. turned a blind eye to the Japanese chief executive and feigned ignorance of it when the latter craftily shunned the admission, apology and reflection on Japan's war of aggression against the Asian countries in the past. It even pretended to know nothing of the fact that he insulted many women who suffered the shame as sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army by painting them as "victims of the flesh traffic".

The U.S. put pressure on the south Korean authorities to cover up Japan's past crimes, claiming that it was necessary to go forward without looking back on history and it wished to see the south Korea-Japan relations back on tract during the south Korean chief executive's junket to the U.S.

This diplomacy of appeasement and pressure on the part of Washington resulted in holding negotiations between rulers of Japan and south Korea.

The south Korean chief executive's U.S. junket was soon followed by the Japan-south Korea "summit" at which they promised to settle the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army till the end of that year.

The U.S. was also deeply involved in the Japan-south Korea negotiations for reaching an "agreement".

Washington strongly urged the talks between officials concerned and insisted that they were attended by high-ranking officials. This resulted in the talks between the foreign ministers of Japan and south Korea on Dec. 28 last year at which an "agreement" was made, leaving no written document.

As seen above, the "agreement" was made according to the scenario of the White House to use its two stooges as a shock brigade for carrying out its aggressive strategy for dominating Asia.

The above-said "agreement" characterized by high-handed, cunning and humiliating behaviors is the hideous politically-motivated swindle in the 21st century as it insulted and mocked at the Korean nation and human conscience for attaining the sinister goal of the war-like forces.

The hostile forces should certainly pay for this thrice-cursed criminal act of disregarding international justice.

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