October 16. 2010 Juche 99
Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Its Delegation's Visit to China
Wang Zhaoguo Meets Delegation of DPRK Youth League
WPK Delegation Leaves for China
Pyongyang Chukjon Secondary School Named after Kim Ju Hyok
Foreigners Here
War Confab of Military Bosses of US and South Korea Assailed
US and S. Korean PSI Exercises Slammed
Japan's Scheme for Nuclear Armament Blasted
Patriotic Struggle for Reunification Called for
Tradition of Single-Minded Unity Carried Forward
US-S. Korea Large-scale Air Exercise Blasted
War Confab between US and S. Korea Protested in S. Korea
Rev. Han Asserts Justice of His Activities for Reunification
Application of Tuition-Waiver Program to Korean Schools Demanded
Implementation of Joint Declarations Called for
Congratulatory Visits Paid to DPRK Embassies
Birthday of WPK Marked in Different Countries
Kimilsungia Show Held in Guinea
Statements Issued to Congratulate Kim Jong Il's Reelection
Centenary of Birth of Kim Il Sung to Be Commemorated in Hungary
Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Finland
Bulletin Issued to Observe Important Days of WPK

For Spanish-speaking People
Inaugurada la reconstruida Universidad de Baile de Pyongyang
Denominada escuela secundaria con el nombre del heroe Kim Ju Hyok
Publicado en Corea libro sobre Kimilsungia
Inaugurado festival deportivo nacional por 10 de octubre

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