October 8. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Yong Nam Meets Vietnam Delegation
Talks between Delegations of DPRK and Vietnam Held
Agreement on Mutual Cooperation Signed between Ministries of DPRK and Vietnam
Gift to Kim Jong Il from Vietnam Minister of Public Security
British Figure Arrives
Cuban Ambassador Gives Briefing
Egyptian Military Attache Hosts Reception
Monument to Party Founding Draws Endless Crowd of Visitors
Dancing Art of Koguryo
Koreans Hold Higher Banner of Juche
Japanese Reactionaries' Moves for Overseas Military Expansion under Fire
Fascist Suppression of Pro-Reunification Patriotic Forces Flayed
Tightening "Alliance" with Foreign Forces Branded as Treachery
"National Intelligence Service" in S. Korea Urged to Repent of Its Outbursts and Apologize for Them
Conservative Paper's Biased Reporting Flayed
First Anniversary of October 4 Declaration Marked in S. Korea
Singaporean President Expresses Hope for Reunification of Korea
Birthday of WPK Observed
Struggle for Resignation of Sycophantic and Treacherous Regime of S. Korea Called for

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il recibe presente del ministro de Seguridad de Vietnam
Embajador cubano ofrece encuentro de informacion
Rodong Sinmun ratifica su denuncia a represion de Lee Myung Bak
Rodong Sinmun denuncia expansion militarista de Japon

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