October 18. 2016 Juche 105
Kim Jong Un Inspects Newly-Built Ophthalmic Hospital
Pak Pong Ju Makes Field Survey of Sites for Recovering from Flood Damage in Northern Part of North Hamgyong Province
DPRK Delegate Speaks at UN Meeting
Park Geun Hye's Anti-DPRK Invective Will End in Most Miserable Dirge: CPRC Spokesman
Criminal Nature of Anti-DPRK "Sanctions Resolutions" Disclosed
70th Anniversary of Journalists Union of Korea Marked
Central Hall of Workers Remodeled
Floral Tribute Paid to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
GFTUK Delegation Back Home
DPRK Team Advances into Finals of 2016 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup
New Stamp Issued in DPRK
17 Transmission Towers Planted in Hoeryong City of DPRK
Production of Aid Materials on Increase in Ryanggang Province
Framework of Dwelling Houses for Over 11,000 Households Completed in Disaster Areas
Cement Transport to Disaster Areas at Conclusion
Park Geun Hye's Ambition for Stay in Power and Amassment of Fortune Disclosed by KCNA
Park Geun Hye's Policy of Escalating Confrontation with DPRK Goes Totally Bankrupt: Rodong Sinmun
Rodong Sinmun Terms U.S.-S. Korea Combined Naval Drill Worst Military Provocation
Rodong Sinmun Urges U.S. to Make Bold Decision for Rolling Back Its Hostile Policy toward DPRK
Minju Joson Dismisses Park Geun Hye's Invective against DPRK as Shrill Cry of Chongwadae Witch
Kim Jong Un's Report to 7th WPK Congress Introduced by Russian Body
WPK's Birthday Celebrated in Nigeria
WPK Praised by Thai and Angolan Personages
Kim Jong Il's Work Introduced in Austria

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un dirige en terreno el Hospital Universal de Oftalmologia Ryugyong
Pak Pong Ju recorre los campos de reparacion de danos del desastre natural
Delegado coreano expone posicion de la RPDC en la reunion de la ONU
Vocero del CRPP compara con canto funebre chismes anti-RPDC de Park Geun-hye
Instituto coreano revela el caracter criminal de las "resoluciones de sancion" anti-RPDC
RPDC avanza a la final en la Copa Mundial Sub-17 de la FIFA de 2016

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