April 10. 2011 Juche 100
Kim Jong Il Sends Educational Aid Fund and Stipends
April Spring Friendship Art Festival Opens
Participants in April Art Festival Feted
Marathon Held
Foreigners Pay Homage to Kim Il Sung
Sinuiju Martyrs Cemetery Completed
Anti-DPRK Remarks of US and S. Korea Blasted
S. Korea Plans to Introduce Weapons from US
South Headquarters of Pomminryon Calls for Reunifying Country
Meetings of Conveying Relief Fund Held in Japan
Kim Jong Il's Work Posted on Internet Website by Swiss Organization
Korean People's Struggle Supported in Thailand and Ethiopia
Foreigners Praise Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il
Day of Sun Commemorated in Britain
DPRK's Important Days Observed Abroad
China Calls for Improving Level of Work with Masses
Illegal Publications Retrieved in China
Number of Martyrs Total 20 Million in China
Russia's State Duma Accuses Estonia of Its Step to Distort History
Kazakh President Calls for Integration of Eurasia
Sudan Accuses Israeli Attack
Cuba Calls for Unity at World Trade Union Congress
Fight against Drugs Called for at Cancun Conference
New Environmental Radiation Surveillance Station Opened in Iran
New Archeological Discoveries in Northeast Syria

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il envia subsidios escolares y becas a hijos de coreanos en Japon
24o Torneo Internacional de Maraton por el Premio Mangyongdae
Inaugurado 27 Festival Artistico de Amistad Abril
Huespedes extranjeros rinden homenaje a Kim Il Sung

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