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Sinuiju Martyrs Cemetery Opened to Public
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The Sinuiju Martyrs Cemetery has been built in the DPRK.

The remains of martyrs and persons of merits were buried in the cemetery.

They devoted their noble lives to the country's liberation and its prosperity and reunification, remaining faithful to the idea and leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Among them were anti-Japanese revolutionary martyr Paek Nam Jun, anti-Japanese patriotic martyrs Im Jong Sun, Im Yong Sik, Kim Thaek Yong and Min Jong Sik, Hong Yong Gun and Ri Song Chol, heroes of the DPRK. There are also Ho Chon Hak, Hwang Sun Hwa, Sim Hyong Sok, Ri Sok Myong, Ryu Ki Dong, Sonu Ryon Su who were members of the ten Party members of Rakwon and Hong Sun Han, former vice-chairman of the Unjon County People's Committee, and others.

A completing ceremony was held on April 10.

Present there were officials of the party and power organs and working people's organizations, the bereaved families and working people in North Phyongan Province.

The participants placed wreaths and bunches of flowers before the cemetery and paid silent tribute to the memory of the martyrs.

After the ceremony, they looked round the cemetery.

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