February 28. 2009 Juche 98
Kim Jong Il Provides Field Guidance to Various Units in Manpho City
U.S. Troops Warned to Stop Arrogant Acts
Senior CPC Official on Importance of Sino-DPRK Relations
10th Meeting of Joint Presidium of Pomminryon Held
Gift to Kim Jong Il from Vietnamese Corporation
Austrian Delegation Interviewed
Birthday Spread to Centenarian
Public Presentations on Bean Production Held
Iron Logic Drawn from March First Popular Uprising
Socialism Shines by Dint of Ideology
Lee Myung Bak Group's Plot to Do Harm to DPRK Assailed
All Koreans Urged to Come Out against Lee Myung Bak Group
Lee Group's Fascist Suppression of People Flailed
S. Korean Puppet Minister of "Unification's" Anti-Reunification Remarks Flailed
Joint Struggle against Lee Regime and GNP Declared in S. Korea
Lee Myung Bak Group's Hostile Policy toward DPRK Rapped
S. Korean Media Unionists Starts General Strike
Struggle against Lee Myung Bak Regime Called for in S. Korea
February Holiday Celebrated
February Holiday Celebrated at DPRK Diplomatic Missions

For Spanish-speaking People
EPC tomara contramedidas resueltas frente a tropas norteamericanas
Efectuada X reunion de la copresidencia de la APRP
Verdad dejada por Levantamiento del Primero de Marzo
Kim Jong Il recibe presente de corporacion vietnamita

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