November 29. 2008 Juche 97
Message of Sympathy to Indian President
Greetings to Chief of Palestinian National Authority
Yemeni Delegation Arrives
DPRK Football Team Advances into Quarterfinals
Programs Developed at Universities of DPRK
Kyongsong, Famous Ceramic Producing Center
Precious Guideline Indicating True Road of Patriotism
Lee Myung Bak's "Human Rights" Ruckus Flayed
Japan's Loudmouthed "Contribution to Intl' Peace-Keeping Operations" Ridiculed
Struggle for Terminating U.S. Policy of Military Presence in S. Korea Called for
Lee Group's Moves for Confrontation with Compatriots and against Reunification Assailed
S. Korean Authorities' Sycophancy and Submission to U.S. Blasted
Repeal of NSL Demanded in S. Korea
Lee Myung Bak's Unpopular Agricultural Policy under Fire
Withdrawal of Hostile Policy toward DPRK Demanded
Kim Jong Il's Works Widely Studied and Disseminated

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il envia ofrenda floral al feretro de difunto Song Tong Chun
Palabras celebres de Kim Jong Il sobre independencia nacional
Representantes de la Chongryon demandan retirada de sanction
Divulgadas obras de Kim Jong Il en mas de 40 paises y regiones

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