November 3. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Jong Il Watches Football Match
Kim Jong Il Sends Wreath to Bier of Late Kil Su Am
Greetings to Dominican President
U.S. and S. Korean Puppet Warmongers' Anti-DPRK War Exercises Assailed
Lee Myung Bak Group's Suppression of Progressive Movement Organizations Denounced
Meeting of Youth League Officials of Elder Generations and Younger Generation Held
DPRK Women's Football Team Beats Costa Rican Team
DPRK Team Beats Lebanese Team
Lee Myung Bak's Anti-DPRK Outbursts Slammed
Anniversary of Famous Work of Kim Jong Il Observed
Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's Work Observed
Hoguk Joint Exercises under Fire
Case against Hanchongryon Censured in S. Korea
Negotiations for Increasing Funds for Upkeep of U.S. Forces Protested in S. Korea
Halt to War Exercises Demanded in S. Korea
Moves to Stamp Out Pro-Reunification Movement Organization Condemned in S. Korea
Drop of Puppet Authorities' Plan to Increase Military Spending Demanded in S. Korea
Plot against Hanchongryon Disclosed in S. Korea
Important Days of DPRK Marked
June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration Supported
Kim Jong Il's Work Studied and Disseminated in Austria
Solidarity Expressed for Struggle of WPK and Korean People

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il presencia partido de futbol con uniformados del EPC
Kim Jong Il expresa condolencias por fallecimiento de Kil Su Am
CRPP denuncia "ejercicios Hoguk" para la guerra anti-RPDC
CRN denuncia represion de banda de Lee Myung Bak

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