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Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's Work Observed
Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) -- "On Some Problems Arising in the Creation of Revolutionary Films", a speech made by President Kim Il Sung before film workers on Nov. 1, Juche 57 (1968) serves as important guidelines that hold an important position in view of its historic significance and the development of film art at present, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a signed article.

The work clarifies the character and mission of the Juche-based film art, a powerful weapon for thoroughly implementing the Party's policy on revolutionizing and working-classizing all members of the society, the orientation of its future development and concrete ways to do so.

Recalling that that day leader Kim Jong Il gave a talk "On Truly Depicting Life in the Creation of Revolutionary Films" to officials in the field of film art to embody the profound idea and policy clarified by the President in the work, the article goes on:

General Secretary Kim Jong Il who nurtured the lofty aim to effect a revolution in the field of film art since the first days of his leadership over the revolution and construction made a breakthrough toward attaining it by realizing the noble intention of the President.

Kim Jong Il made sure that the work of establishing a revolutionary tradition in the field of film art was oriented to a drive to firmly defend and glorify the immortal revolutionary feats of the President.

Kim Jong Il took the initiative in adapting immortal classic masterpieces to movies and led the creators to regard it as an immovable principle to fully represent the ideological contents of the original works, thus making it possible for the works to shed their rays all over the world as textbooks for the popular masses in their struggle and life for independence.

He became member of the creating group and created works which can serve as models of revolutionary masterpieces of Korean style. He also led the film workers to create a lot of masterpieces conducive to promoting the drive to revolutionize and working-classize all members of the society.

The precious achievements made in the course of effecting a revolution in film art that ushered in a new era of Juche-oriented renaissance in the 20th century are the shining fruition of the tireless efforts made by the leader to thoroughly carry out the idea and intention of the President.

Times advanced and old generations are replaced by new ones but the precious tradition established in the course of effecting a revolution in the field of film art continues to serve as an engine steadily promoting the development of the film art in the DPRK.

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