calendar>>November 3. 2008 Juche 97
Meeting of Youth League Officials of Elder Generations and Younger Generation Held
Pyongyang, November 1 (KCNA) -- A meeting of exemplary youth league officials of the elder generations and the participants in the national conference of active members of primary organizations of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League was held at the Central Youth Hall on Oct. 31.

At the meeting, youth league officials of the elder generations recalled that officials of the Democratic Youth League energetically conducted political work on the frontline during the hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War, encouraging the soldiers to wipe out the enemy and making breakthrough toward the advances of units making charges.

They recollected the days when the youth league officials united the young people close around the Party and led them to take the lead in implementing the Party's policies, cherishing the loyalty to the leader as their life and soul in the periods of the great Chollima surge and socialist construction.

Youth league officials of the younger generation evinced their resolutions at the meeting.

They vowed to learn from the revolutionary spirit and work style displayed by the youth league officials of the elder generations and consolidate the organizations of the league as entities devotedly defending the leader, the ranks of human bullets and bombs and thus fully prepare all the young people as reliable successors to the Songun revolutionary cause.

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