October 9. 2008 Juche 97
Pyongyang Designated as Venue for 17th World Taekwon-Do Championships
National Exhibition of Invention and New Technology Closes
Floral Basket to Kim Jong Il from Chief of Palestinian National Authority
New Documentary Released
Collection of Reminiscences Off Press
Economic Achievements in DPRK
U.S. Accused of Escalating Military Tension in Korea
GNP Accused of Inciting Confrontation with Compatriots
Japan's Missile Hysteria Condemned
Implementation of October 4 Declaration Called for in S. Korea
October 4 Declaration Supported in Switzerland
Lee Myung Bak Regime's Anti-Reunification Moves Flailed

For Spanish-speaking People
Pyongyang sera sede del mundial de Taekwon-do de 2011
Clausurada X Exposicion Nacional de Invenciones y Nuevas Tecnologias
Rodong Sinmun condena al "GPN" del Sur de Corea
Rodong Sinmun denuncia maniobras belicas de EE.UU.

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