calendar>>October 9. 2008 Juche 97
Economic Achievements in DPRK
Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Many successes have been made in the basic industrial sectors, the pace-setting domains of the national economy in the DPRK.

Kanggye Youth, Thaechon, Sodusu power stations and other hydro-power stations are striving to increase the output of electricity with existing water.

Those at coal mines under the Sunchon Area Youth Coal Complex have worked hard to increase coal production every day by concentrating efforts on the coal fields with rich deposits and raising the operation rate of equipment.

Good results are also reported from coal mines in areas of Pukchang, Tokchon, Tukjang, Kaechon and Kangdong, which have introduced efficient cutting method while always giving precedence to tunneling.

In the sector of metal industry a vigorous drive has been pushed ahead to complete and introduce the Korean method of iron production.

The Songjin Steel Complex and the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex have increased iron and steel production by introducing the Juche-oriented method of iron production and accelerating technical modernization. The Chollima Steel Complex finished the modernization of electric furnaces and is carrying out the test production there while directing efforts to the immediate production.

Those at iron ore mines across the country including the Musan Mining Complex are striving to provide the metal industrial sector with enough iron ore.

The Ministry of Railways is taking pains to carry in time the materials needed for various domains of the national economy.

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