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Collection of Reminiscences Off Press
Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- The Workers' Party of Korea Publishing House brought out collection of reminiscences "Among the People" Vol. 76.

The book contains 16 reminiscences dealing with the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung performed by energetically leading the work to develop the nation's agricultural science and increase the agricultural production till the last moments of his great life from the country's liberation and his noble popular traits.

Reminiscences "Profound love and trust shown for agricultural scientists" tell the story that the President found out agricultural scientists one after another after the liberation of the country and showed deep loving care and trust for them, indicating to them specific ways of solving issues arising in their researches.

The book also contains reminiscences recounting the touching story that the President worked heart and soul to cultivate seed rice for non-paddy fields to settle people's problem of food and to this end tilled an experimental field in the garden of his house where he conducted experiments on crops, fruit trees and others.

Reminiscences such as "Wisely leading the research into bean" and "During the days of realizing comprehensive mechanization of agriculture" deal with his tireless efforts to lead agricultural scientists to successfully conduct researches into bean cultivation and free peasants from difficult and hard farm work.

Edited in the book are reminiscences telling the story that the President singled it out as an important issue arising in the field of agricultural science to overcome abnormal climatic phenomena and visited the Academy of Agricultural Science to indicate the orientation and ways for doing so.

It contains reminiscences dealing with the facts that the President clarified scientific and technological issues arising in breeding and cultivating high-yielding seed rice, led the work to bring about a signal turn in vegetable farming, gave instructions to successfully do potato farming and double cropping and cultivate fruit trees and indicated ways of settling issues arising in overall agricultural scientific researches.

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