September 28. 2010 Juche 99

WPK Conference
Kim Jong Il Reelected as General Secretary
WPK Conference Held
Resolution of WPK Conference on Revision of Rules
Official Report on Plenum of WPK Central Committee
Presidium of Political Bureau
Members and Alternate Members of Political Bureau
Secretariat of WPK Central Committee
Central Military Commission Organized
Department Directors Appointed
Members and Alternate Members of WPK Central Committee
Control Commission Elected
First Plenum of WPK Central Auditing Commission Held
Art Performance Given
Dancing Parties of Youth and Students Held

Finnish Delegation Arrives Here
British Party Delegation Goes Back
British Party Delegation Interviewed
Anniversary of Relation between DPRK-Chinese Schools Observed in China
Trial Operation of UHP Electric Arc Furnace No.2 Conducted
Light Comedy "Echo of Mountain" Staged in Chongjin
Rice Harvest Begins
Training Centre of Weightlifters
US-S. Korean Warmongers' Anti-submarine Exercise Blasted
DPRK-targeted Joint Military Exercises under Fire
Meeting Held to Review History of Koreans in Japan
WPK's Policy Favored
DPRK's Reunification Proposal Supported
Kim Jong Suk's Feats Praised
Story of Kim Jong Il

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il ordena ascender grados militares de comandantes del EPC
Sesionada la Conferencia del PTC
Resolucion sobre la enmienda del estatuto del PTC
Informacion sobre el pleno de septiembre de 2010 del CC del PTC
Electos miembros del Presidium del Buro Politico del CC del PTC
Electos miembros y miembros suplentes de Buro Politico
Secretariado del CC del PTC
Organizada Comision Militar Central del PTC
Nombrados jefes de departamento del Comite Central del PTC
Elegidos miembros de la comision central de control del partido
Efectuado primer pleno de la Comision Central Revisora del PTC

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