January 15. 2010 Juche 99
Kim Jong Il Inspects Pig Farm under KPA Unit
DPRK Warns S. Korean Authorities of Anti-DPRK Operation
Kim Yong Nam Conveys Sympathy to Haiti President
DPRK Embassy in Russia Urges Conclusion of Peace Treaty
Korean Workers Turning Out in Determined Offensive
Saenal, First Revolutionary Newspaper
Eradication of Leftovers of Era of Confrontation Called for
Civilian Activists Arrested in S. Korea
Struggle for Reunification Urged in S. Korea
Seminar on Juche Idea Held in Mexico
Joint New Year Editorial Supported

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il dirige granja porcina adscrita a la Unidad EPC
CDN declara batalla sagrada contra antros de complots anti-RPDC
Kim Yong Nam envia telegrama de consuelo a su homologo haitiano
Se debe liquidar restos de era de enfrentamiento, Rodong Sinmun

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