October 5. 2009 Juche 98

Wen Jiabao Visits DPRK
Kim Jong Il Visits Wen Jiabao at State Guest House
Kim Jong Il Hosts Dinner for Wen Jiabao
Gift to Kim Jong Il from Wen Jiabao
"Year of DPRK-China Friendship" Closed and Extravaganza "Arirang" Performed
Kim Yong Nam Meets Wen Jiabao
Banquet Given to Welcome Chinese Premier and Mark Anniversary of DPRK-China Diplomatic Ties
Wreath Laid before Cemetery of Fallen Fighters of CPV
Joint Art Performance Given by Korean and Chinese Artistes

Kim Jong Il Greets Chinese Party and State Leaders
Kim Jong Il Receives Greetings from Chinese Party and State Leaders
Greetings to Foreign Minister of China
DWUK Officials Meet with WIDF Delegation
Hollows Belonging to Neolithic Era Excavated
Plunder of Industrial Crops by Japanese Imperialists
All Koreans Called upon to Dedicate Themselves to Reunification Movement
Centenary of Birth of Kim Il Sung to Be Commemorated in New Zealand
General Secretary Kim Jong Il Praised in Czech Republic
Story about Foxtail Millet Field Covered with Snow

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il visita residencia de Wen Jiabao
Kim Jong Il ofrece cena en honor de Wen Jiabao
Kim Jong Il recibe presentes de Wen Jiabao
Acto de clausura de "Ano de amistad Corea-China" y funcion "Arirang"
Kim Jong Il felicita a dirigentes chinos
Kim Jong Il recibe mensaje de felicitacion de dirigentes chinos
Kim Yong Nam se reune con Wen Jiabao

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