April 28. 2009 Juche 98
Kim Yong Nam to Visit South Africa and Zimbabwe
Delegation of KPA Political Officers Leaves for Vietnam
24th National Scientific and Technological Festival Closes
Night View of Wonsan
Italian Food Restaurant
KCNA Rebukes Japan's Moves to Go Nuclear
Japan Entirely to Blame for Bringing Six-Party Talks to Collapse
Japanese Reactionaries Urged to Drop Their Ambition to Stage Comeback to Korea
Reckless Remarks of S. Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Lambasted
Lee Myung Bak Group's Suppression of Pro-Reunification Organization under Fire
DPRK's April Holidays Celebrated

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Yong Nam visitara Sudafrica y Zimbabwe
Clausurado XXIV Festival Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnica
Paisaje nocturno de la ciudad de Wonsan
ATCC comenta las acciones de Japon que amenazan al mundo

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