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Italian Food Restaurant
Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- There is a restaurant specializing in Italian dishes in Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang.

Its main dishes are various kinds of pizza and spaghetti dishes including pizza margherita and spaghetti vongole bianco. It also serves famous Korean and foreign dishes.

Manager of the restaurant Kim Sang Sun told KCNA:

There is a moving story behind the appearance of this restaurant.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il took care that a restaurant specializing in Italian dishes was opened, saying the Koreans should be let to taste world- famous dishes.

He took necessary measures, learning that the restaurant found it a tough row to hoe, having no cook experienced in Italian dishes.

Now our cooks are just as good as Italians in making Italian dishes.

No wonder the Korean and foreign customers are satisfied with the famous dishes of the world served by our restaurant.

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