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Night View of Wonsan
Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- The night view of Wonsan, a modern port city of Korea, is spectacular.

Apartment houses, public buildings and public service facilities in the city have been decorated with lights and illuminations recently.

The dwelling houses and public buildings adorned with line bulbs and near and far floodlights look like a big peacock with its wings spread.

The roofs of apartments lit brighter by floodlights in close distance depict the upper parts of the wings of the peacock.

The peacock which has turned into decorative lights, fascinated by the scene of the city becoming more beautiful as the days go by, gives an impression of its being aboard a swaying big ship. The graceful features of the Songdowon and Tongmyong Hotels with their mysterious light pillars planted deep in the sea remind the viewers of passenger cabins and the chandeliers and fireworks-like lamps in the Haean Square of a specially ornamented mast.

Jangdok Islet in the sea off Wonsan is crowded with people enjoying the night view.

Wedding ceremonies in the night view, evening galas at the Haean Square and angling on the pier decorated with line bulbs are new sceneries which came into being along with the night view.

The fantastic night view decorated with electricity produced by the Wonsan Youth Power Station is one more socialist fairyland in the Songun era.

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