April 14. 2009 Juche 98
DPRK Foreign Ministry Vehemently Refutes UNSC's "Presidential Statement"
Kim Jong Il Orders to Promote Military Ranks of Commanding Officers of KPA
National Meeting Held to Commemorate Birth Anniversary of President Kim Il Sung
Large Floral Basket to DPRK Embassy from Great King of Cambodia
Large Floral Basket to DPRK Embassy from King of Cambodia
Congratulations to Prime Minister of Montenegro
Congratulations to Prime Minister of Denmark
Chinese Delegation Places Wreath before Friendship Tower
Chinese Family Lays Floral Basket before Kim Il Sung's Statue
Gifts to Kim Jong Il from Figures of Russia and Myanmar
Floral Basket to Kim Jong Il from Foreign Figure
Floral Basket and Gifts to Kim Jong Il
Congratulatory Letter to Kim Jong Il
Reception Given by Palestinian Ambassador
Mongolian Delegation Here
Day of Sun Commemorated by Women's Union Members
Joint National Meeting of Korean Children's Union Organizations Held
Separate Performances of 26th ASFAF Given
More Meetings Held to Congratulate Kim Jong Il on His Reelection as Chairman of NDC of DPRK
Building of Socialism Centered on Popular Masses
Kim Il Sung's Life Dedicated to People
Gift Plant Greenhouse
Japanese Reactionaries' Anti-DPRK Hysteria Flailed
Japan's Distortion of History Flayed in S. Korea
Struggle for Throwing Overboard Lee Myung Bak Group Called for
Regional Organization Calls for Support to Kim Jong Il's Songun Politics
Significant Holidays of DPRK Observed in Different Countries
DPRK's Successful Satellite Launch Supported by Overseas Compatriots
DPRK's Successful Satellite Launch Hailed by Foreigners
Kim Jong Il's Work Off Press in Mexico

For Spanish-speaking People
MINREX rechaza la "declaracion presidencial" del CS
Kim Jong Il ordena ascender grados militares
Acto nacional de organizaciones de Union de Ninos de Corea
Kim Jong Il recibe cesto floral y regalos de huespedes extranjeros

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