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DPRK Foreign Ministry Vehemently Refutes UNSC's "Presidential Statement"
Pyongyang, April 14 (KCNA) -- The Foreign Ministry of the DPRK issued the following statement Tuesday denouncing the United States and its followers for finally perpetrating hostile acts of daring take issue with the DPRK's satellite launch for peaceful purposes by abusing the United Nations Security Council defying its repeated warnings:

The UNSC issued a brigandish "presidential statement" condemning the DPRK's satellite launch on April 14.

Looking back on its history, the UNSC has never taken issue with satellite launches.

The UNSC whose permanent members are those countries which launched more satellites than any other countries tabled and discussed the DPRK's launch of satellite for peaceful purposes although it was legitimately conducted after going through procedures under international law. This is an intolerable mockery of the Korean people and a thrice-cursed crime.

The hostile forces are claiming that the DPRK's satellite launch would result in improving its long-range missile capacity but this is not the essence of the issue.

The gravity of the issue lies in that the standard guiding the UNSC's action may change depending on who launches something whether it is a satellite or a long-range missile.

It is the logic of the U.S. that Japan may launch satellites because it is its stooge and the DPRK should not be allowed to do so as its system differs from theirs and does not obey them.

It is the UNSC that accepted the U.S. brigandish logic as it is.

The UNSC's action was a wanton violation of international law as it ran counter even to the outer space treaty which stipulates that "Outer space shall be free for exploration and use by all States without discrimination of any kind, on a basis of equality and in accordance with international law."

The prevailing situation clearly proves that the principle of sovereign equality and impartiality stipulated in the UN Charter are a mere show and it is only the logic of strength which works in the international relations.

There arises a question as to whether the UN is necessary for the DPRK as it infringes upon the sovereignty of its member nation.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry declares as follows for the present to cope with the prevailing situation:

First, The DPRK vehemently refutes and condemns the unjust action taken by the UNSC wantonly infringing upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and seriously hurting the dignity of the Korean people.

The DPRK will continue to exercise its independent right to the use of outer space based on international law including the outer space treaty reflecting the unanimous will of the international community, not arbitrary practices of the UNSC which has been reduced to a tool for high-handed acts.

Second, there is no need any more to have the six-party talks which the DPRK has attended.

The spirit of respect for sovereignty and sovereign equality clarified in the September 19 joint statement for denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula is the basis and the life and soul of the six-party talks.

The six-party talks have lost the meaning of their existence never to recover now that the parties to the talks themselves totally denied this spirit in the name of the UNSC and now that Japan, which has desperately obstructed the talks from their outset, openly and unilaterally applied sanctions against the DPRK over its satellite launch.

The DPRK will never participate in such six-party talks nor will it be bound any longer to any agreement of the talks as they have been reduced to a platform for encroaching upon its sovereignty and forcing it to disarm itself and bringing down its system.

It will positively examine the construction of its light water reactor power plant in order to round off the structure of the Juche-based nuclear power industry.

Third, the DPRK will boost its nuclear deterrent for self-defence in every way.

The hostile forces' escalated military threat that they will intercept even a satellite for peaceful purposes compels the DPRK to further increase its nuclear deterrent.

The DPRK will take a measure to restore to their original state the nuclear facilities which had been disabled according to the agreement of the six-party talks and bring their operation back on a normal track and fully reprocess the spent fuel rods churned out from the pilot atomic power plant as its part.

The hostile forces are seriously mistaken if they thought they could bring the DPRK to its knees by force.

It is the basic purport of independence, Songun of the DPRK that it can never repeat the disgraceful history a century ago when the whole of Korea was conquered by the Japanese imperialists in the long run, after being violated and cajoled by big powers around it as it was weak in its national power.

The DPRK will defend the peace and security on the Korean Peninsula with the might of Songun in a responsible manner though the six-party talks cease to exist and the process of denuclearization collapses due to the hostile forces.

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