December 13. 2008 Juche 97
Six-Party Heads-of-Delegation Session Held
Chinese Friendship Delegation Here
Sports Contest for Osandok Cup Opens
Basketball Tournament of Officeholders Held
Posters for Next Year's Farming Released
New Feature Film Produced
Sanatorium Villages
Koryo Celadon Inherited and Developed
Japanese Imperialists' Indelible Crimes in Forcible Drafting of Koreans
Traitor Lee Myung Bak Accused of Siding with Japan over "Abduction Issue"
Adherence to Principle of National Independence Called for
Struggle for World Peace and Security Called for
Freedom of Expression Demanded in S. Korea
Projected Humiliating "Meeting on Security Policy Initiative" Rebuffed
Puppet Authorities Urged to Stop Rewriting History Textbooks

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il dirige sobre terreno granjas de Sariwon
Kim Jong Il recorre la avenida folclorica de ciudad de Sariwon
Concluido dialogo entre los jefes de delegaciones a la cita a 6 bandas
Inaugurado el Torneo Deportivo por "Copa Osandok"

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