November 28. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Jong Il Sends Wreath to Bier of Song Tong Chun
SPA Chairman Returns Home
DPRK Delegation Leaves for Russia
National Day of Romania Observed
Educational Equipment Donated to University
Survey of Aged Population in 2007
Dissemination Meeting for Survey Research on Situation of Elderly Population Held
Remote-controlled Hydro-meteorological Observation Facilities Developed
Lee Myung Bak Urged to Change Stand for Confrontation
U.S. Bellicose Forces' Attempt at Preemptive Attack on DPRK Flailed
Outcome of Negotiations on Upkeep of U.S. Troops Declared Null and Void
Kim Jong Il's Exploits Highly Praised

For Spanish-speaking People
Efectuada charla en Checo
Actos criminales de Japon para suprimir bellas costumbres de Corea
Exposicion de fotos por dia nacional de Rumania
Demandan en Sur de Corea invalidez de negociaciones EE.UU.-Sur de Corea

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