November 18. 2008 Juche 97
Message of Sympathy to Vietnamese President
Greetings to Sultan of Oman
DPRK Ambassador to Iran Appointed
DPRK Ambassador to India Appointed
Foreign Delegations Here
Songs Eulogizing Peerlessly Great Man
Unity, Strong Weapon for Shaping Destiny Independently
Poor Excuse of Those Who Bedeviled Inter-Korean Relations under Fire
Japan Urged to Settle All Its Past Crimes
Stop to Move to Revise "Law on Intelligence Service" Demanded in S. Korea
Repeal of "Motion Calling for Ratification of FTA" Urged in S. Korea
Disbandment of S. Korea-U.S. "Combined Forces Command" Demanded in Switzerland
U.S. Reckless Nuclear Policy Flailed

For Spanish-speaking People
Entidad surcoreana demanda revocar proyecto relativo al "TLC"
RPDC resulta primera campeona del mundial de futbol femenino Sub-17
Canciones que elogian al gran Hombre sin par
Rodong Sinmun refuta excusa de quebradores de relaciones N-S

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