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Unity, Strong Weapon for Shaping Destiny Independently
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- All the members of the Korean nation should closely unite as one to realize the reunification of Korea. This is because unity is the mode of existence of the nation and the fundamental guarantee for national reunification.

If a nation is separated, failing to be united, the social group, the community of destiny, that means the nation can not be maintained and it goes to ruin in the end. This is truth shown by the history of the Korean nation.

The Korean nation, which had realized the importance of unity in bitter tears, forced into the lot of a ruined nation, could create a new history of national unity thanks to President Kim Il Sung.

It was priceless results of the might of unity that they defeated the Japanese imperialists and achieved national liberation under the banner of the anti-Japanese national united front and the young DPRK shattered the myth of the "mightiness" of U.S. imperialism which boasted of its being "the strongest in the world" and defended the sovereignty of the country.

The tradition of great national unity is now being successfully carried forward by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

He set forth the idea of great national unity that the whole nation in the north, the south and overseas should get united under the banner of patriotism and the banner of national reunification, irrespective of differences in idea, system, political view and religious belief, transcending the interests of classes and social strata, if the country is to be reunified.

The splendid achievements recorded in the history of the nation's movement for reunification prove that great national unity is the only powerful weapon for national reunification and prosperity.

After the publication of the historical June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, fellow countrymen in the south confirmed their will to promote reconciliation and unity and reunify the country, visiting Pyongyang and Mts. Paektu and Kumgang.

In Korea today which is opening up the glorious heyday of the June 15 reunification era, smashing the challenges of the imperialist allied forces by dint of Songun, the idea of "by our nation itself" is calling the whole nation to the righteous patriotic struggle for the national unity.

Troubles still lie in the way of the Koreans for achieving national unity and reunifying the country owing to the confrontation moves against reunification of the outside forces and flunkeyist treacherous forces following their lead.

The Korean people will vigorously carry on the struggle for national reunification and prosperity, holding aloft the banner of unity, under the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il.

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