October 27. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Yong Nam Meets Leading Members and Principal Artistes of Chinese Art Troupe
Gift to Kim Jong Il from Chinese Art Troupe
Chinese Art Troupe Feted by DPRK Government
Chinese Art Troupe Gives Performance for Guests of Honor
Wreaths Laid before Friendship Tower
Anniversary of CPV's Entry into Korean Front Observed
DPRK Government Decides to Send Aid Materials to Cuban Government
Greetings to Austrian President
Greetings to Kazak President
Greetings to Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenadines
DPRK Goodwill Delegation Leaves for Southeast Asia
DPRK's View on Information and Communication Expressed
Many Art Works Portraying Three Generals of Mt. Paektu Created
U.S. and S. Korean Puppets' Reckless Anti-DPRK War Moves Assailed
South Korean Puppet Army's Dangerous Moves for Preemptive Strike under Fire
Lee Myung Bak's Racket of Military Confrontation under Fire
Lee Myung Bak Group Urged to Halt Moves for Confrontation with DPRK
Japanese Reactionaries' Crafty and Clumsy Demeanor under Fire
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Promoting Global Independence
Legal Action against Criminals Demanded in S. Korea
Stop to Moves to Railroad "Motion Calling for Ratification of FTA" through NA Demanded in S. Korea
S. Korean Organization Vows to Take Lead in Anti-Lee Myung Bak Struggle
Release of Member of Solidarity for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration Urged
Signature Campaign against Moves to Rewrite History Textbooks Launched in S. Korea
Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Venezuela
Kim Jong Il's Songun Leadership Exploits Praised
WPK Praised
WPK's Feats Praised by Foreign Figures

For Spanish-speaking People
RPDC decide enviar materiales de auxilio a Cuba
CRPP condena las imprudentes maniobras contra RPDC
Campana de confrontacion de Lee Myung Bak traera la guerra
Rodong Sinmun denuncia actitud astuta de reaccionarios japoneses

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