October 3. 2008 Juche 97
South Side's Violation of Inter-Korean Agreement Censured
Anniversary of Publication of October 4 Declaration Observed
National Exhibition and Public Presentation of Essential Food Held
Etude Fine Art Exhibition under Way
Independence Day of Nigeria Observed
DPRK Women Volleyball Players Win Title of Tournament
Osudok, a Macrobian Village
Tanchonmanjisong, Natural Treasure
Letters Highly Praising Three Generals of Mt. Paektu
All Koreans Called upon to Hold Higher Banner of National Independence
Lee Myung Bak Group's Foolish Maneuver Flayed
Suppression of Pro-Reunification Organization Flayed in S. Korea

For Spanish-speaking People
Parte Norte fustiga fuertemente a la Sur que viola el acuerdo military
Embajador nigeriano ofrece banquete por dia de independencia
Minju Joson comenta la nueva locura de la banda de Lee Myung Bak
Rodong Sinmun senala la independencia nacional

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