January 16. 2013 Juche 102
Amateur Table Tennis Tournament Held
Korean Residents Adrift in Sea Rescued
Tableland Reclamation Project Makes Headway
Skate Park Crowded with Visitors
Cooking Website Opened
Production of Aromatic Essences in Full Swing
Minju Joson Ridicules Lee Myung Bak's Ploy to Justify Policy
S. Korea Plan to Stage War Maneuvers in Frontline Areas
Media Fairness Called for in S. Korea
Koreans in China Refutes S. Korea of Traitors' Mud-slinging at DPRK
Seminars on Juche Idea, Songun Idea Held in Italy, Mongolia
Kim Jong Un Praised by Media of Russia, Iran
Thai Organizations Wish Korean People Greater Success
DPRK Blessed with Eternal Sun Praised by Czech, Malaysian Personages
Korean People's Struggle for Reunification Favored by Personages of Bangladesh, Finland
New Year Address Introduced in Bangladesh
New Year Address Studied, Disseminated in Many Countries
Kim Jong Un's Works Published in Italy, Guinea
Kim Jong Un's Work Carried by Bangladeshi Newspaper

For Spanish-speaking People
Terminado torneo de tenis de mesa de funcionarios publicos
Salvados 4 habitantes del distrito de Jungsan de la RPDC
Minju Joson revela complot de Lee Myung Bak por justificar su politica conflictiva

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