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Koreans in China Refutes S. Korea of Traitors' Mud-slinging at DPRK
Pyongyang, January 16 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the General Association of Koreans in China issued the following statement on Jan. 12:

It is a well-known fact that the south Korean puppet group of traitors is leaving no means untried to tarnish the image of the DPRK.

As a matter of fact, the group has never ceased its anti-DPRK smear campaign, citing misinformation provided by such human scum as "defectors from the north" and quoting non-existent sources such as "news from the north" and "remarks of high-ranking officials in the north".

Shortly ago, it became so foolish as to utter unusable word like "kottjebi" which it means "beggars". The use of this word is part of the conspiratorial moves to hurt the dignified social system in the DPRK.

The word which had been already thrown into the dumping ground of history, ridiculed and accused by world people, is being reused by south Korean conservative media.

South Korean internet MBN on Jan. 10, quoting "testimonies" of "defectors from the north", said "there is an increasing number of kottjebis in the north" and that there appear kottjebis who eat even coal, unable to endure hunger." In the wake of this false propaganda Chosun Ilbo, Choongang Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo and other pro-U.S. conservative media had a field-day.

What the regime is after spreading fictions about "concentration camps of political prisoners" and "kottjebi" again.

Last year the DPRK successfully launched satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2, startling the world. This, at the same time, sent a shiver down the spine of the U.S. and Japanese imperialists and their allies while instilling conviction of victory into all service personnel and people all out to build a thriving nation and all other Koreans and world progressives.

Indeed, this was a telling blow at the anti-reunification forces who stake their fate on the moves to escalate the confrontation and plots against the DPRK.

The south Korean group is floating such ridiculous story to seek a way out of this pretty fix.

Another sinister aim lurking behind its smear campaign is to tone down the strong call for an end to the policy of confrontation with the DPRK heard not only from the south Korean public but from among members of the group itself.

It is the mindset of the public that it is necessary to lend an ear more to the general advance for building a thriving nation in the dignified DPRK rather than to the group's misinformation.

The enemies at home and abroad would be well advised to stop acting rashly, mindful that their ridiculous smear campaign against the DPRK would add to their past crimes.

The General Association of Koreans in China and all Koreans in China will pool efforts with all service personnel and people of Songun Korea dashing ahead like the wind toward the high eminence of a thriving nation and certainly build it where all people will enjoy all blessings and resolutely shatter the foolish and ridiculous moves of the group of traitors and other anti-reunification forces against the DPRK.

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