August 7. 2011 Juche 100
Performance Given by Military Band of Navy of CPLA
Reception Given by Flotilla of Chinese Navy
Sojourn of Seamen of CPLA Navy
Kim Il Sung's Works Carried by Uruguayan Paper
DPRK's Important Day Marked by Mexican Organization
Kim Il Sung's Idea of Great National Unity Praised by Indian Paper
War Victory Day of Korean People Marked by Austrian Organization
Anti-Reunification Forces' Repressive Racket under Fire
Stop to S. Korean Authorities' Construction of Military Base Demanded
S. Korean Conservative Media's Misinformation Accused
S. Korean Prosecution's Suppression Slammed
S. Korean Police Hit for Defending Conservative Forces' Violence
China Rejects Japan's New "Defense White Paper"
Afforestation in Fujian Province, China
Economy Set to Grow in Cuba
Iran Condemns West's Ideological and Cultural Poisoning
Economic Achievements in Syria, Iran
Food Crisis in Mozambique
Natural Disasters in Different Countries
Cooperation among Different Countries
More U.S. Forces Killed in Afghanistan
Profits Drop at Japan's Enterprises
Contaminated Water Continues to Leak from Japan's Nuclear Power Plant

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