December 1. 2008 Juche 97
Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit
Greetings to President of Central Africa
Greetings to Prime Minister of Barbados
Pomminryon Releases Joint Resolution
DPRK Government Economic Delegation Leaves
Minister of General Administration of Sport of China Interviewed
Fields of Underground Resources Discovered
Japanese Reactionaries' Campaign to Suppress Chongryon Flayed
U.S. War Maniacs' Attempt at Igniting War against DPRK under Fire
WPK's Policy on Preserving National Character
Foiling Imperialists' War Policy and Domination Moves Called for
S. Korean Puppet Police Suppression of Protest Actions Slammed
Lee Group Urged to Drop Hostile Policy toward DPRK
Parliamentary Decision on Increasing Military Spending Flayed
Defense Ministry's Unwarranted Step Assailed in S. Korea
More Cases of Aerial Espionage Perpetrated against DPRK
Japanese Police Suppression of Chongryon Flayed
Japan's Moves against Chongryon and DPRK under Fire
Korean Jewel-Powdered Painting Exhibition Held in Russia

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Il inspecciona Unidad No. 1016 de las fuerzas aereas del EPC
Kim Yong Nam expresa condolencias al presidente indio
Publicada resolucion conjunta en acto por aniversario 18 de APRP
Autoridades policiales de Japon recrudecen represion a Chongryon

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