November 8. 2008 Juche 97
Talks Held between Youth Delegations of DPRK and Iran
MOU between Youth Organizations of DPRK and Iran Inked
Delegation of National Youth Organization of Iran Feted
Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from S. Korea Demanded
Use of Available Microorganisms Expanded
Folk Stone-craft of Korea
Disbandment of South Korea-U.S. "Combined Forces Command" Called for
S. Korean Politician's Barbed Remarks Assailed
Struggle against U.S. Asia-Pacific Policy Urged
U.S. Scheme to Build Nuclear War Base Accused in S. Korea
Lee Myung Bak's Moves to Rewrite Textbooks Flayed
Hoguk Joint War Exercises Blasted by S. Korean Organizations
Kim Jong Il's Works Studied Abroad

For Spanish-speaking People
Firmada nota de entendimiento entre delegaciones de Corea e Iran
Conversaciones entre delegaciones juveniles de Corea e Iran
Uso de microorganismos utiles en la medicina
Estudian en Checo y Etiopia obras de Kim Jong Il

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